Function Terms and Conditions

1. The Venue
The club presents its facilities and equipment in a good state of repair to the hirer. The club reserves the right to seek compensation from the hirer for any damage caused to the venue occurring as a direct result of misuse of the club's facilities by the hirer or their guests.
The following will apply:
No adhesives are to be used on any painted surface (ie no tape) Bluetac is permitted
An excess cleaning fee of $200 will apply if cleaning beyond reasonable normal standards is required (ie steam cleaning of carpets, removal of stains from walls)
2. Responsible Service of Alcohol
The club adheres to a strict policy on the responsible service of alcohol.
Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted to be served alcohol. Persons found providing alcohol to minors will be ejected from the premises immediately.
Persons showing signs of intoxication may be refused service and / or asked to leave the premises.
Alcohol or any other beverage may not be brought onto the premises under any circumstances.
3. Security
Security may be required for some events (Compulsory for 21st's and 18th's). Security is payable by the hirer at a rate of $35/hr + gst and is applied at a rate of 1 guard for 1st 50 guests, 2 guards for 1st 80 guests & then 1 guard per additional 30 guests. Security guards will be booked by, and report to, club management only.
4. The Event
The hirer will run the event substantially in accordance with the agreed email confirmation.
5. Hours of Operation
The club's function centre ordinary hours of operation are 7am – 11.30pm
6. Catering
The club's caterers have exclusivity to catering on the club's premises. As such the club does not permit food to be brought onto the premises. Celebration cakes (ie wedding, christening, birthday) may be brought to the premises by arrangement.
7. Service
All food service will be buffet style unless otherwise specified in our catering packages. All beverages service will be across the bar. Additional service staff are available and will be charged at $35 / hour + GST (min 3 hour call). Bookings for service staff must be made at least 14 days prior to booking.
8. Registered Clubs Act
The registered clubs act requires that all persons entering the premises must be signed in to the club. Proof of age and residential address is required for entry (ie drivers licence, proof of age card, passport etc). Persons residing outside a 5km radius of the club may sign in as a visitor. Persons residing inside a 5km radius of the club must be signed in by a member. To this effect the club requires the event organizer to become a member of the club. House membership is $50 per annum. Guests signed in this way may not leave the function area and must not remain on the clubs premises after the event organiser has departed.
Minors must remain in the immediate presence of their parent or legal guardian at all times whilst on the club's premises.
9.Deposit , Confirmation & Payment
A deposit of $200 is required per event - the manager reserves the right to request a larger fee dependant on the size of the event and function.
All payments must be finalised prior to commencement of event or on the day of the event and a credit card is required as security for all bar tabs.
10. Cancellation
All Cancellations must be in writing. A cancellation fee will be charged for bookings cancelled within the following time frames:
More than 15 days' notice - no cancellation charge, deposit will be refunded
Less than 15days' notice - deposit will not be refunded. Any cancellation charges charged to The Neutral Bay Club, including any cancellation fee that may be charged to the club by the club's contractors, will be billed to the function organiser.
11. Confirmation
An minimum number of attendees is required at the time of booking. Approximate numbers are to be confirmed not less than 14 days prior to the event. Final numbers are to be confirmed not less than 5 days prior to the event. All charges will be based on this final figure. Numbers may be increased but not decreased.
12. Pricing
The Neutral Bay Club reserves the right to alter prices without notice. All prices include GST unless otherwise stated.
13. Liability
The Neutral Bay Club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any property left on our premises unattended.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions Is applicable once booking is made

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